Offshore Development Center

Dedicated ODC:
An ODC is a facility fully managed by Compeer Softech Pvt. Ltd. specifically set up for a single client to provide:

• Quick Start-up Capability for New Requirements/Projects
• Integration with Client’s Practices and Methodologies
• Retention of Knowledge – Business and Processes
• Long Term Support for Legacy Applications
• Experiments with New/Emerging Technologies at Lower Risks/Costs
• Integrated Planning for infrastructure, staffing and work content to allow you to focus greater energy on your
• Core business by taking away your burden of recruitment, training and retaining

Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a pool of specially trained resources, well designed infrastructure, proven and time tested processes. It is the most beneficial outsourcing delivery model with a compelling value proposition for businesses looking at IT Outsourcing. Compeer is able to provide Dedicated Offshore Development Center Services as well as the option to outsource work without any long term commitments. This flexibility is what clients look forward today.

Consulting Services
Compeer Softech helps its clients to design and implement change and create value through its unique range of management consulting services.

Business Consulting
This includes all the challenges one faces thru the development phase of any kind of business, and a well developed business.

  1. Business Process Management
  2. Finance and Performance Management
  3. Change Management
  4. Risk Management
  5. Strategic Management

R&D Consulting
This plays important role in providing quality services to all our clients. On top of it, R&D facilitates lifelong learning, which fulfils hunger of techno savvy people around the world. Thus, we at Compeer Softech believe in R&D and support our clients for the same, through our highly capable team.